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Chasing The Light Box


Chasing The Light Box

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An inspiring gift box full of light! 

Photographers often describe what they do as "chasing the light" because light is what makes photography possible. As followers of Jesus, we are chasing the Light of the World in an effort to become more like Jesus. Author, Pastor, and photographer, Dave Adamson was inspired to teach his youngest daughter, who struggles with dyslexia,  about the bible through his photography. By using photos along with devotions, Dave inspired his daughter, and something that started small became an Instagram favorite and an impressive visual devotional. 

Paired with this devotional is it's journaling mate, Reflecting the Light; for journaling, coloring and reflecting inspired by the devotions in Chasing the Light and a stainless steel water bottle embossed with the verse "I know the plans." This gift box featuring "Chasing the Light" is too good not to share so encourage someone to "chase the light." This gift is perfect for Father's Day, for friends, new believers, or for anyone looking for a new devotional.

 Box includes:

  • Chasing the Light, hardcover
    • 7.2 x 6.2 inch
    • Publisher -
    • 180 page
  • Reflecting the Light, softcover
    • 7.2 x 6.2 inch
    • Publisher -
    • 120 page
  • Stainless steel water bottle, dark aqua
    • 17 oz
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