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Our Giving

It is our joy to tell you about our giving partners which are located just outside Cape Town, South Africa.

There are endless schools and education facilities that could use extra support and donations. We settled on two groups to support in addition to a Bible and book distribution program. At Vision AfriKa we have sponsored a 3rd grade classroom. Vision AfriKa provides programs and education for underprivileged kids, who have big dreams for their future. School started January 11 with new curriculum, supplies and fresh paint. With our sponsorship and your giving portion, 26 nine and 10 year-olds will have a classroom with necessary curriculum and materials. We’ll be following their story so check back with us to follow their journey. In addition to this support we will be stocking their school library.

We also joined hands with a wonderful after school care and enrichment program called Legacy Kayamandi.  At Legacy Kayamandi, there are 48 students for which we will be implementing a literacy and enrichment program. Legacy Kayamandi gives kids a safe place to go after school that provides food, a place to do homework and have fun. Many of these kids who arrive at Legacy Kayamandi after school don’t have a safe place to go after class; and since we love books and learning, we are stocking their library too. 

Why here?

The education system in the underprivileged areas of Southern Africa face many challenges such as; below average reading skills, high levels of illiteracy, unmanageable class numbers and minimal parental or community involvement.
We give in order to provide hope and dreams to these children who are challenged by poverty, unemployment, lack of equipped schools and parents with little or no education themselves.

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